Ranthambhore – Tiger Sightings Guaranteed

The chance to see tigers in the wild is high on the wish list of most lovers of wildlife and our aim is to give you the best possible chance of seeing and photographing these magnificent big cats.

Ranthambhore is renowned as one of the most reliable parks in India for tiger sightings; the resident population of tigers – currently 44 individuals – is evenly split between males and females and many of them are not at all camera shy. Sightings so far in 2018 have been amazing with some visitors seeing as many as 10 different tigers on multiple occasions.

Up until recently, it was only possible to enter the park for a short (3 hour) jeep safari in the morning and the afternoon. This inevitably resulted in a frantic scramble to find tigers and when they were found the sightings almost always became crowded. 
The introduction of full day and half day permits has changed things quite a bit. Now it is possible for a small number of visitors to obtain full day permits that allow them to enter the park at 6 in the morning and remain inside until 6 in the evening. The great advantage of this is that between 10 am when the morning visitors have to leave the park and 3 pm when the afternoon visitors are allowed in you’ll have the park pretty much to yourself.
Better yet, the full day permits are not restricted to a single zone in the same way as the normal visitor permits so you are free to roam through all zones in search of wildlife.

The only downside of the full day permits is that they are VERY expensive indeed, costing many times more than a regular entry ticket. 

Half day permits are also available, allowing extended morning or afternoon visits. 06:00 – 12:30 or 12:30 – 18:00.

Our short safari “Ranthambhore – Tigers Guaranteed” takes full advantage of the full day and half day permits to give you as much tiger time as possible.

Oh yes, one last thing. We are so confident that you’l get to see tigers on this safari that if you don’t we’ll refund half the tour price. 

5 nights / 6 days
Starts and ends in Delhi

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